US Army trains in open source 3-D virtual cyber-world

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    The US Army and associated federal agencies are said to be testing prototype "virtual world" technologies in a secure open source environment.

    Intended to simulate "in theatre" scenarios to stimulate team building skills and wider training and analysis initiatives, the work to test out as many as 400 use cases is being carried out in the Research Lab Simulation and Training Technology Center in Orlando.

    The test environment is known as the Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy, or (MOSES) for short.

    MOSES arrives after the US military's previous experiments with Second Life.

    US-based website reports as follows:
    "These types of technologies allow multiple users in various locations to experience 3-D interactions simultaneously using digital representations called avatar, thus providing widespread benefits such as distance learning, collaboration, cultural training and outreach via multiple-person, real-time interaction."

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