Ubuntu Studio Can't login to account with Display Manager.

Discussion in 'Desktop / X' started by rustyraptor, Jul 9, 2014.

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    I recently got the nonfree nvidia drivers using the driver manager in ubuntu studio because I had performance issues with nouveau. At first everything was working like a charm but then I tried to use multiple monitors which would completely crash the system taking me to the splash screen. the next time I try to log in to my main account the screen goes black as though it were about to load the session than it resets to the login screen. I can login using a tty terminal to the main account but not on the display manager. I think this could be xorg I am not sure. Also somehow the guest account works fine. Even multiple monitors work on guest account. I hope I get help soon. I got no reply for 10 hours on the ubuntu studio forums. I find usually smaller forums like this one are more reliable.

    This crap happens a lot with my card it's an nvidia GeForce 310 M on a laptop. Very bad card even benchmark wise. But it's all I have really.
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    If the Guest account works fine then the problem should be with one of your users settings. If you have been using nvidia-settings to tweak X then there may be some hidden files in your home directory that are conflicting with the DEs X settings (or vice versa).

    If you can login via a VT (ctrl + Alt + F1-F10) and browse your home directory (ls -a) you may want to backup and delete the .config, and any .nvidia-settings files.
    mv .config config
    (just moving the files will do)
    Depending on the DE you are using there may be other settings folder/files to move. When you login via the login manager the DE should be set to default.

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