TLWIR 35: Open Versus Closed Mobility – The Nokia N900 Versus The Nokia Lumia 900

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    When Nokia’s N900 smart phone was released on November 11th, 2009, it was a revolutionary device. The N900 truly contained the power of a desktop computer in the form factor of a mobile phone. It ran the Maemo 5 Linux-based operating system, and its hardware specs made geeks around the world drool. So why did Nokia turn their backs on a device so far ahead of its time? They were offered a deal that they found too good to refuse. That deal led to the Lumia 900, and other Windows Phone 7 Nokia smartphones. In this edition of the Linux Week in Review, I will take a close look at how the three year old Nokia N900 measures up against the much newer Lumia 900. Is the Lumia 900 doomed or is it destined to become a smashing success?


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    Being the owner of the N900, i know how powerful the device it and how stupid of Nokia to make newer and newer phones and it's not the best thing to switch from different platforms.

    Maemo is a really powerful Linux OS for Tablets and i'm glad Meego is what they've come up with. The N900 is far powerful and yet very customizable. It can be easily OC'd to 1.1GHz and run stable with a custom Kernel.

    I still think the N900 was the best smartphone tablet of it's time and also presently.

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