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    I would like to make a program to handle several communication modules.
    I have just found a good HOWTO. But I have got one problem. I want to handle a serial port with timeout in microseconds.
    Here is a code fragment from this site:

    int res;
    struct timeval Timeout;

    /* set timeout value within input loop */
    Timeout.tv_usec = 0; /* milliseconds */
    Timeout.tv_sec = 1; /* seconds */
    res = select(maxfd, &readfs, NULL, NULL, &Timeout);
    if (res==0)
    /* number of file descriptors with input = 0, timeout occurred. */

    I would like to have an extra variable for microseconds. :)
    Can I solve somehow this demand?

    The rest of HOWTO can be understood very well by me.

    I saw that microsecond cannot reach in an easy way neither in generally.

    Tanks, David

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