The Debian Project reelects Stefano Zacchiroli as Project Leader

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    In accordance with its constitution [1], the Debian Project has just reelected Stefano Zacchiroli for a third year as Debian Project Leader. More than 80% of voters put him as their first choice (or equal first) on their ballot papers. This is the first time in the history of the project that a candidate wins in three consecutive years. 1: Stefano’s large majority over his opponents shows how satisfied the Debian project is with his work so far, and its wish for him to represent the project during one last term — Stefano has already announced he won’t be seeking reelection again next year. Wouter Verhelst and Gergely Nagy also gained a lot of support from Debian project members, both coming hundreds of votes ahead of the “None of the above” ballot choice. Stefano has been a Debian Developer since March 2001 and was a long-term contributor to several core services such as Debian’s Package Tracking System ...



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