SOA Governance - Framework and Best Practices - Download Documentation From Oracle

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    Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) will make things possible for your business. Things like improved performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Important things. Game changing things. Unfortunately, technology this advanced can come with some implementation challenges. A failure in governance is often to blame for a derailed SOA project. Governance had different meanings depending on who you talk to, but its importance doesn't change.
    Download this white paper, SOA Governance: Framework and Best Practices, to learn how establishing a proper system of governance can make a difference during implementation.
    •Understand the benefits of a Service-Oriented Architectures
    •Learn how a failure in governance can derail your SOA objectives
    •Hear an approach to SOA governance that can help keep your SOA projects on track

    Download SOA Governance: Framework and Best Practices for a better understanding of the role that governance can play when implementing an SOA.

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