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    Here are the facts:
    - Newly installed centos 6.4 server with 2 HDD (called OS and data).
    - OS HDD (450 GB) is mirrored in BIOS and 'data' hdd (4 TB) mirroring is controlled by centos (the old motherboard can not mirrors more than two hdd).
    - 'Data' hdd mounted automatically in data folder, as '/ data'
    - The user's home directories are located on the standard place from the scratch (OS HDD 450 GB): '/home'
    - Samba SELinux recommendations are fixed
    - MySQL is also installed on the OS hdd
    - The permissions on ALL folders are triple checked

    When I change the location of the home directories in smb.conf after stopping samba and modified SELinux lables for the new home directory folder on 'data' hdd (/data/users) and restarted the samba again, refuses SELinux users use the new folder (eg: '/data/users/mattias'). I have tried also with a symlink in the original location (/home/mattias) to the new user's location (/data/users/mattias) and modified SELinux lables for the symlink, but it does not work either. I change back to the original location and restart samba, everything works as it should.
    Almost the same thing happens with the MySQL, it can not start because 'access deny' in the directory '/data/DB'", but here MySQL can create some DB files on the folder '/data/DB', but NOT in the mysql folder ('/data/DB/mysql').

    Thanks in advance .


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