Running dosemu via in.telnet & xinetd

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    Hello all

    I have been following instructions from here :

    Although I have managed to get say for example, "mc" running (midnight commander) and displaying through the telnet window, just a test. I am unable to get 'dosemu' running through it.

    My Distribution is Debian 6
    Dosemu is dosemu (1.4.0+svn.2080-1)

    Conditions :
    - Running dosemu localy as a non privileged user no fault is exhibited
    - Running dosemu localy as a privledged user no fault is exhibited

    Problem occurs :
    When in.telnetd uses my shell script /usr/sbin/bbs to launch dosemu

    In the telnet window, running dosemu, you are unable to "CHDIR", eg.. you wont be able to go for example "CD BBS", Or if you make a directory, it will always knock off the first letter in every block of words after a command. For example sake.

    mkdir "BBS"
    It will make the folder "BS"

    innnnnnteresting :p

    But it only appears like this in DOSEMU. On the ext3 filesystem in the bash console the files are correct :)
    Now this only happens if dosemu is involked/run via in.telnetd as part of it's login program.

    Any thoughts anyone ?

    As I say, if I run any other console app, say Midnight commanded, launched by in.telnetd as the login program, we have a correct display :)

    I am using xinetd as the superserver btw, as I need the additional options it has.

    Cheers in advance :)
    Leyton Smith

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