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Discussion in 'General Linux' started by PJ_aigawa, Jan 25, 2014.

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    Hello all,

    I have finally decided to be 100% linux, I have been around for a while so I'm no newbie, but I'm still a complete beginner. I have decided to use Linux Mint while I learn enough to be an advance linux user.

    Anyways, this is my issue:
    I have succesfully installed QtSixa and I made it work as mouse/keyboard inputs, but my problem is that I can't customize each button of the controller as I please, there are only very few pre-set configurations. I was looking at the configuration file and found this:

    # Input - "Gnome", by "falkTX"
    key_select 29
    key_l3 0
    key_r3 0
    key_start 56
    key_up 103
    key_right 106
    key_down 108
    key_left 105
    key_l2 102
    key_r2 107
    key_l1 67
    key_r1 87
    key_tri 14
    key_cir 273
    key_squ 28
    key_cro 272
    key_ps 125
    axis_left_type 3
    axis_left_up 1
    axis_left_right 0
    axis_left_down 0
    axis_left_left 0
    axis_right_type 3
    axis_right_up 8
    axis_right_right 6
    axis_right_down 0
    axis_right_left 0
    axis_speed 6
    use_lr3 1

    This pre-set Gnome configuration is what I'm using now, I was looking at the manual of QtSixa to see if they have a list of codes so I can attach an specific key to each row but they only give a brief explanation of the profile file. I would like to set my own personal configuration for eax key, i.e. I would like to have "key_l1" to input backspace when I press it, but I have absolutley no idea which number I should put and I have looked over the web but I can't find anything that helps me with this.

    I hope I am makingmyself clear and that someone can at least point me to where I can find such numeric codes.
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