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Discussion in 'General Linux' started by linuxperson2, Aug 11, 2013.

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    now this is my first linux forum topic and im 12 now ive got alot of computers on on 1 of them im putting putting puppy linux on it ive allready downloaded it and burned it to cd and run it live and when i installed it it was fine but when i turned on the computer i would not load it would stay on '' verifiing DMi pool data'and from there it wouldn't do anything. now the reason i put puppy linuxon the computer is beaucause it only had 512 mb ram and a pentium4 cpu. and i have tryed putting other distros on such as opensuse,knoppix,linuxmint and zorin so i thought puppy linux would be right i also disabled SMART compattibility but that didn't help i'm just trying to find a solution thanks

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    I *think* either you have not installed grub or you may have installed it somewhere odd, so the system can't find it and doesn't boot.

    It's a bit long but have a look at the PDF about installing Puppy Linux to the Hard Drive http://aztcs.org/meeting_notes/linuxsig/PuppyLinux/PuppyLinux-install.pdf Look at Step 51 and Step 56

    512Mb isn't all that bad. You could look at something like Lubuntu or Peppermint Linux, which is based in Lubuntu. Does it have to be Puppy.

    Some distros will automatically partition and install grub. Some are more minimal and this has to be done manually.

    Do have a look at "
    How to Build a Lightweight Linux for your Low-End Laptop" for a Debian System
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    Which version of Puppy Linux was it????

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