Partitioning while Installation LM17 Qiana cinnamon

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Anil Kagi, Aug 31, 2014.

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    Hey guys please help me. I am broke and exhausted.

    I have reinstalled Linux Mint 17 Qiana Cinnamon three times in a month now. I tried to customize according to my needs by finding information on Google. The result was B[lack]SOD, and some error messages that are Greek & Latin to me. And again my system is dead now.

    Now I am starting all over again. The fourth re-installation of LM17!

    Kindly help me.

    I want to install Linux Mint 17 Qiana Cinnamon on my Samsung RV509, i3, 3GB RAM, 300GB HDD Laptop for dual booting with Windows 7.

    I already have;

    1. A Primary partition of 50 GB for Windows.
    2. Another Primary partition of ntfs with 150 GB for keeping Documents, Photos and other files of me/our [family].

    My problems/requirements [they are a bit too much or nasty I suppose]

    1. I want to create another primary partition of 20 GB preferably in ntfs file system, for the Documents, Photos and other files of my children that they create in LM 17, such that they should have access to that partition without requiring the admin password.

    2. An Extended Partition of 56 GB, comprising of;

    a] 30 GB for '/root'.

    b] 20 GB for '/home'.

    c] 6 GB for 'swap'.

    3. I would like to keep the remaining space as unallocated, like a 'pool' in such a place and in such a way that I could add to it and take from it the required 'disk-space' to and from all the other drives.

    I tried to do these things in the 'Terminal', 'Gparted', 'Disks' and during Installation with Live USB and even on windows with 'Mini Partition Tool' but my efforts went in vain. It was really nerve wreaking for me.

    Are the things possible at all?

    Or should I cut down my requirements?

    I would greatly appreciate any help in this regard.

    Thank you & regards.

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    Cinnamon has some quirks with certain graphics cards and generally places more strain on the cpu. The Mate desktop might be a better choice in your case.

    I doubt you would need 30gig for / so I would suggest swapping the /home and / size.

    You should use ext3 or 4 for the 20gig partition which will be accessible to the 'other' group therefore not needing the admin password. A one-time chown of the mounted partition will take care of that.

    For the remaining space setup the partition, but don't reference it when assigning the mountpoints during installation setup. That partition can be added in fstab at any time to auto mount.

    Use gparted for your partition so you just assign the mountpoints during installation.

    Very important last step is to install grub to /dev/sda not the / partition. It should default to /dev/sda.

    Good luck ;)
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