New to Linux but Love It Already!

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    Hello all.

    Preface: My boss asked me if I was interested in taking some Linux certification classes to better understand a new Linux-based product my company is putting out. I love technology and want to learn whatever I can so I said yes. I have been teaching myself Lua Programming, as it is the language that makes up the plugins for said product.

    I installed Ubuntu last night onto my personal PC and can say I will RARELY go back to my Windows 7 Ultimate OS ever again. I am not so impressed with the Ubuntu experience but am really enjoying the speed and comfort that I have with Linux already!!! I am thinking of going to another distro, possibly the Diamond II BKDE or another one (taking suggestions ;) ). Needless to say, my work computer is going to go over a small "transition" as well when I get there today.

    Thank you all!

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    Aloha and welcome to! Feel free to ask any questions about Linux here on this site. The main page displays the newest articles/tutorials. If you see a post that you like or found helpful, click "Like". If you ask a question and someone answers it to your satisfaction, click "Best Answer". Enjoy the site!

    Generally, Ubuntu or Fedora are the best choices for beginners (however that is debatable). Once you are advanced, if you want to thoroughly understand Linux, than using Slackware can strengthen your skills. The articles/tutorials on the main page are the newest articles on this site. This website offers many articles that can help you learn Linux. Three of my computer certifications are in Linux. I have seen a lot of articles here contain information that will help you pass the exams. However, I have not looked through all of the articles thoroughly enough to see if all of the necessary information is here to pass an exam.

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