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    I've made it through some of the PPC Luddite guide to dual-booting with Debian Linux on an old Apple, and am trying to get LXDE to run more smoothly.

    Here are some of the main problems I'm having:
    The LXTerminal window is showing lots of artifacts whenever I move it or place another window over it. This is consistent, and seems to indicate something not going right.
    I've tried adjusting sound settings using alsamixer and xfce4-mixer, but I can't get sound from the computer's rear audio jack, which would be convenient. I can get sound from the front headphone jack, but only with the built-in front speaker enabled, which isn't great, since the computer is connected to an external amplifier with its own volume control.
    I installed a temperature monitor in the toolbar, but it reads -273.
    I haven't managed to install the Adobe Flash software, because I get an error message saying "package has no installation candidate." If anyone has any experience with Flash in Debian, I'd like to hear about it, because getting that to run video from BBC iPlayer would be a real bonus. There are programs that handle most other audio and video in OSX smoothly, but I haven't found anything to view iPlayer directly through the BBC website or via another media player.
    Sorry this makes a bit of a laundry list, but any tops for any of these would be helpful. Thanks!

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