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Discussion in 'General Server' started by J_Riebel, Jun 27, 2014.

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    I'm new with linux, but I'm jumping in feet first. I've acquired a few "trash" servers, a Sunfire v240 fully loaded, a Dell PE 2850, 2x Dell PE 2650, and possiblly 3x PE 1950 depending on some factors. I can not leave Solaris or windows installed on these machines. So I've decided to go to linux, and cluster them all together. My biggest issue so far is the Sunfire does not have video out, and i want this to be my cluster master. Output is either serial, telnet/ssh, remote desktop access from another machine. I'm going to have to create a bootable USB iso with a Remote desktop program and a static IP already set up. I'm looking for any suggestions; which linux distro is best to use, best way to get access to the sunfire, whats the best way to create a custom iso that i can use. Anything... thank you.

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