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    For those of you that like to sit down and read many articles on a particular subject, then this is the post for you. Here, I made an index of various articles on installing the Linux OS. Enjoy!


    Beginner tips for installation and basic configuration -

    Linux Installation (General Info) -–-linux-installation.5902/

    How to install Arch Linux from media source -

    SteamOS Beta - Part 1 : Getting and Installing -

    Installing Firefox-OS on Linux -

    Installing Ubuntu -

    Insanely Easy LAMP Setup (Ubuntu)

    Basic Debian LAMP setup -

    Virtual Box (VBox) -

    Converting Between the Ubuntus -

    Linux Home Theater Personal Computer Part 1: Introduction -

    Supplementary Info

    Installation Troubleshooting -

    Types and Downloading -–-types-and-downloading.5824/

    About the Distros -

    Which Distro is Right for Me?

    Selecting A Linux Distribution -

    Scripted Installation -–-scripted-installation.5977/

    Removing Linux -–-removing-linux.6072/

    Partitioning Part 1 -–-partitioning-part-1.5874/

    Partitioning Part 2 -–-partitioning-part-2.5875/

    Backtrack = Kali -

    Running Debian and Fedora Together -

    More Guides -
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