Kubuntu Gets New Sponsorship Ensuring Its Future

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    The open source model at its core is all about freedom. The freedom for users to choose and the freedom of not being locked in. That freedom also can be a lifeline for projects that otherwise wouldn't survive. Just ask the Kubuntu project, which found new life this past week after Canonical decided it wouldn't support it anymore.

    1) Kubuntu Gets New Sponsorship
    Canonical has been a strong supporter of KDE in recent years, but that support is now ending. Canonical recently announced that they would no longer support the Kubuntu KDE version of Ubuntu after the upcoming 12.04 release. Canonical had been sponsoring Jonathan Riddell the lead developer of Kubuntu.

    Riddell noted in his own blog that when the news broke that Canonical was abandoning Kubuntu he got lots of email from people that rely on the operating system.

    "It turns out Kubuntu is very popular and important, people really use this KDE stuff I've been working on for the last decade," Riddell blogged.

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    KDE is a good desktop environment. Rather odd that Canonical stopped supporting it. I wonder what the full story behind the change of heart. Still, it's fortunate the Blue Systems came forward to sponsor KDE.

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