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Discussion in 'Linux Hardware' started by Michele Simonian, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Michele Simonian

    Michele Simonian New Member

    Sep 20, 2012
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    Hello, Fellow Minters!

    I'm wondering if maybe someone can help me here.

    I had my keyboard set up to switch between Italian and English (US). I wanted to add a third keyboard specializing in mathematical operators, as I do a lot of math. Stupidly (I admit it!!) I followed instructions on a website that went to the effect that in the terminal with dpkg it is possible to change keyboard layouts, including adding them(sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration).

    Well, that didn't do it. Not only did it not do it, I can now only use an Italian keyboard. System Preferences - Keyboard Preferences gives me only one choice of keyboards (you guessed it-- Italian). No others. The files are there under usr/share/x11/xkb/symbols, but the system apparently does not see them (or if it does, it doesn't give a hoot).

    I can use Lxkeymap, but it is cumbersome.

    I cannot remember how I got the dual keyboard in the first place. I could swear it was a GUI integrated into Mint-- nothing I downloaded, no terminal witchcraft. But every forum I have checked, I have come up empty-handed. Any ideas?

    Oh, yes-- and how DOES one go about customizing a keyboard???

    Thanks to all, and MINTY beats corned-beef-on-rye anyday (breathwise, that is)

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