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    JoldzicOS 3.31 is now available. The Joldzic Network is proud to announce the release of it's largest scale project, JoldzicOS 3. JoldzicOS 3.31 "Patricia" Live has been under development for over a year now, and is finally ready to enter the market in beta form. The Operating System was released as a beta, and is a standard home or work desktop/laptop OS. The OS currently only supports x86 processors as PPC is no longer popular. JoldzicOS was built on the same base system as Linux Mint 10 "Katya" (which is based off of Ubuntu), but features major differences in the user interface. The OS is to have support for it's own application format, as well as support for all Linux/Unix applications, all Ubuntu/Debian packages and applications, and most Windows applications right off the bat.


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