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    I'm Juan from Maryland. I study at Strayer University in the Bachelor degree program of Information Systems. I am majoring in Networking. I joined the forum to learn from more advanced Linux distro users. My Distro of choice is Ubuntu from GNOME. It's a really great starting point and I won't get bored with it because it fits both new and advanced users. I fell in love with "Linux" since I started learning about CLIs. It's interesting to use similar commands in Ubuntu(linux) that are also commands of Windows. I was tired of reading about the Linux Kernel and other topics from (In a Nutshell) and decided that it was my duty to install a full (Linux Distro) operating system on my laptop and start learning by doing also.

    Well, I don't know what else to contribute to this intro....see you around the forum!

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    Welcome to! You will find some great articles on here about Linux. You may want to go to my profile and read everything that I wrote.

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