Is GNU/Linux just not cool anymore?

Discussion in 'Linux News' started by News, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Software is becoming less and less important. Most people today just don't care about what software they use, what operating system they run, or who is behind the pretty screens they see. What they want, is something that works. Or, better, anything that works. This shift caused a series of changes which shook the whole industry. One of them amongst them: are GNU/Linux and free software in general just not cool anymore? Google Trends gives some interesting answers.Category: OpinionsTagging: linuxgoogletrendLicense: Verbatim only Full story here.

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    An OS for most people is just an invisible means to get to an application they need. Smartphones have played a big role here as "app fever" has spread. People are getting the same Facebook experience whether on a PC, Mac, Droid or iPhone. As long as recognizable icons or familiar shortcut names are used, most people could use a variety of modern GUIs without issue.

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