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    Hi all, by way of an intro...


    I'm a veteran Unix and Linux admin by day and Open Source enthusiast the rest of the time. I've been around long enough to remember writing Fortran IV programs on punch cards, and the sheer joy of my first Unix machine arriving on site - a Zilog Z8000 running "Zeus" - my first root boy experience!!. The fans in that box generated almost enough wind force to blow a grown man over! These days my 'droid has more processing power and memory than that box. Arguably my Raspberry Pi B does also.


    These days I write scripts in bash, python, perl, groovy and occasionally code snippets in PHP. I can also write javascript, but I tend to avoid C these days as I just don't have a need for it with most of the stuff I need to get done. I also avoid Java - as to me it seems to be more a tool for converting XML to stack traces than a language (joke) despite, ironically, my company being a Java shop. I grok MySQL and some Oracle, NoSQL in the form of CouchDB (mainly), Mongo, Redis and a bunch of automation tools like puppet, fabric, jenkins, cruisecontrol/Go etc. as well as a bit of knowledge on messaging stuff like AMQ and F5 load balancers.

    I don't do .NET, visual basic or any of that stuff. In fact, I only use Windows stuff when there's no other option. I've not needed Microsoft Office since 2005 when I abandoned my last remaining Windows desktop, and moved completely to Ubuntu. I have used various MS offerings as a consultant on client site, so I think I still have a fair understanding of the beast, but I still don't get the ribbon thing. Why break a perfectly good UI?

    I've installed and used every RedHat version since the pre-Fedora RH5 and all Ubuntus since Dapper, plus quite a few more *uxen. I'm now looking to share some of my skills with new and aspiring Linux users as an advocate.


    I might be interested in joining in on collaborative projects part time, though I need to be realistic as I have a demanding job which involves travelling quite a lot and being on call - so I'm not time-rich.

    I'm very happy where I am work wise, so, to be clear, I am not looking for employment opportunities through this forum.

    I look forward to helping out wherever I can, and promoting Linux and Open Source widely, hopefully by getting aspiring newbies up and running with the minimum of fuss.

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