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    I have some trouble with my PCIe device.
    It is just a PCIe core located in a Xilinx FPGA.
    The application I run on the Linux machine just send data to it and the data i looped back and compared to the expected value.
    I set it up like this:

    rm -rf /dev/xpcie
    mknod /dev/xpcie c 240 1
    chown root /dev/xpcie
    chmod 0644 /dev/xpcie
    ls -al /dev/xpcie

    insmod xpcie.ko

    And after that I can see the device in /dev and if I do lspci.

    But when running the software, the communication always fails. Data read does not equal the expected value, data read is always 0
    DWORD miscompare [0] -> expected 14c7f9bd : found 0

    This behavior was also found on a windowx XP system. And the solution there was to reboot the computer.
    The problem with Linux is that if I reboot the computer I can't see the device in /dev anymore.

    How do I solve that?
    How do I get Linux to run my installation script at boot?

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