Innotop - What does your MySQL Server say about you?

Discussion in 'Database' started by steelmanronald06, May 18, 2012.

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    Recently I was wanting to do some additional monitoring on my MySQL Server. I typically use InnoDB for my storage engine, but when I use MyISAM I have to worry about table locking as opposed to row locking. As a result, I like to see where my queries are building up at, where lag spikes are happening, and how I might be able to optimize things. Yes I could do most of this from the command line, but it is so much easier to have a nice "top like" app that does it for me. The added benefits become apparent in the features provided!

    I really like that it has 11 different modes to show you information in useful ways, allows you to completely configure the table display, check what the past date/time ws for a query of each transaction involved in the last deadlock (something other tools are lacking in), and its ability to present InnoDB internals.

    I highly recommend anyone who runs a site with medium to high Read/Write queries to check it out!

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