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    Hello all

    I used Linux a few years ago it was Ubuntu and now trying to do a complete install. Hating windows with a passion. Any how I have lots of questions, about which to install. I will ask all that in another area. A little about me is I have been working with windows and earned a AAS in Electronic Technologies in 2000. I learned circuit board repair, networking and configuration. I learned from windows 3.0 til now and I've just grown tired of fixing there mess for everyone I know. So here I am. Please be kind and I'm an all in kinda of tech and this is going to be a shock and awe for me. So thank you for the welcome and hopefully I will be with Linux for a long time. Planing on building a media center to run tv, movies and such for my tv so this will help before that is done.

    Have a great day all '
    An thanks for all help in advanced if I forget to later.


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