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Discussion in 'General Linux' started by unixfish, Jul 9, 2014.

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    I was on Ubuntu - and yes, I know Mint is Ubuntu based.

    I had Ubuntu on my laptop since 10.04, 32 bit version on a Dell D630 I got cheap. Well, over the years with updates, 32 bit falling a bit by the wayside, and installing / uninstalling / testing software for my side job clients, it was starting to run a bit slowly. Nothing bad, but just a bit sluggish. I could have analyzed and removed and cleaned up, but I never really jelled with Unity, so I did a backup and took the plunge.

    I love Cinnamon. Cinnamon solves some of "my issues": I am somewhat name challenged; if I needed to rip a CD, I would need to go to Unity and search for Asunder. I would always have trouble remembering that name, and the Unity menus do not make it easy / convenient to find items by category. Cinnamon categorizes applications so they are easy for a "visual reminder" person like me to find.

    Mint is not flashy or have "Ooh! Aah!" features - it just works.

    My biggest fears were my development environments. Fortunately, I got Shrew Soft IKE VPN installed and found where the profiles were saved, and retrieved from my backup. I installed Google Chrome and retrieved bookmarks from my backup. I installed SVN Workbench (Py-SVN) and after retrieving settings I got all my trunks and branches back. A quick restore of a MySQL backups got my databases back, piece of cake.

    I'm loving Mint so far. I have a few more little "preferencie" things to do (border colors, etc), but I really like this so far. And I can find applications in the menus!

    I stayed with Mint because my major client is using Ubuntu server; keeping a development machine "close" to the servers I develop for makes it easier to implement, as there will be a minimum of surprises. Mint is also based on Ubuntu, so the tools and configs I use still worked.

    Some of my Ubuntu issues were becoming annoying - 40 second boot times with the drive light on solid, and the Unity menu button would show the spiral "processing" icon for 10 to 12 seconds when I clicked it, even with Amazon and some other unrelated offerings shut off. This was probably a result of client testing changes, but still.

    I just feel all Minty now!
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    Congratulations! Enjoy!

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