how to install grub legacy on usb

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    Hi , I am new to linux

    I have ubuntu 12 64bit installed , I want to make grub legacy boot usb

    I want to make a grub legacy usb to boot my own kernel and program , I tried lots of method none worked,
    in ubuntu 64 , I dont have grub legacy files , if I write grub in my terminal , is the program open is grub legacy or grub 2 ? , also is grub bootloader is also 32bit and 64bit ver because my kernel and program is 64bit , do I need 64bit grub legacy ?

    I also have win7 64bit and fedora 15 64bit

    I have loader and rte-app file , I want to open this prog by grub legacy boot loader

    in menu.lst

    serial --unit=0 --speed=115200
    terminal --timeout=0 serial
    title RTE 0.1
    root (cd)
    kernel /boot/loader
    module /boot/rte-app -c f -n 3 -m 128

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