How to do this?On the test server, (as a bash one liner)

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    On the test server, (as a bash one liner)
    a) Schedule the following task to run hourly
    b) List all users IP�s that experienced a fav icon not found error,
    c) Sort the data by IP Address,
    d) Count the number of time each IP was affected,
    e) Put that report into a file
    f) & email the report to

    can anyone help?

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    Oct 27, 2011
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    That almost sounds like a homework question :)

    Here are some hints..

    1. You'll want to look in the httpd access log and look for a common string for the fav icon not found error

    2. You'll want to use awk to print the column with the IP.. use uniq to show counts for each one.. use sort to sort by IP or by count

    3. print it to a file

    4. mail the file as an attachment using the mail command

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