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    I've been a fan of linux since 1995, when I got my first RH CD and book. My corp SCO Xenix built grew to SCO Unix and having many more clients finally switched to Linux and we are now on CentOS 5x. Personally, I've got CentOS 6.3, Stella (CentOS 6.3 derivative), Linux Mint 15 (writing on this), Linux Mint 14 on a Compaq V5101US laptop, a gTablet (Android 2.1), Kindle Fire, and my boss gave me a SurfaceRT (ARM process and getting reports of Linux loads for it) Whoopee! I build 'em, fix 'em, network 'em, and secure erase them. And am repairing laptops for a price. My suggestion for anyone wanting to see if their device can run linux is go with a Linux Mint or CentOS 6.3 Live CD and see if it recognizes all your components if it does you can bet it will run on it, and what ever made you go looking will fianally be solved. Living and Loving Linux!


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