Experience with USB 3.0 docking stations

Discussion in 'Laptops / Netbooks' started by jhsachs, Apr 1, 2014.

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    I'm shopping for a new laptop, and I've found that many brands, including my preferred one (Asus), now use docking stations with a USB 3.0 connector instead of a bus connector. That means that compatibility depends on a driver -- one that works well.

    I know that recent Linux distributions support USB 3.0 out of the box. It's not clear whether that means they automatically support these docking stations. And if they do, it's not clear how good the user experience is likely to be.

    I've read plenty of horror stories from people who tried to use USB 3.0 docking stations with Linux and encountered problems. But I know the sample is skewed; very few people are likely to bother posting that they tried a new gadget and it worked perfectly.

    If you have any definite knowledge about this, from personal experience or otherwise, please share.

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