Equinox Desktop Environment EDE 2.0 released

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    EDE is small desktop environment built to be responsive, light in resource usage and to have familiar look and feel. It runs on Linux, *BSD, Solaris, Minix, Zaurus and even on XBox.

    Finally, after more than 5 years of work on the major release, we are pleased to announce the release of EDE desktop 2.0, a new version with a lot of goodies.

    The most important news is how EDE is now fully FLTK 1.x powered, removing eFLTK as dependency. This will make EDE more approachable as FLTK is standard library on almost every distribution, backed with good community, active development and excellent documentation.

    Also, EDE 2.0 is freedesktop.org friendly. With every new release (alpha, beta and now 2.0) support is improved, adding various new specifications. Now EDE will understand system menus, load desktop icons, read icon themes, cooperate with other toolkits and more.

    Grab files, compile, play and report if something breaks.

    Go straight to the download page here: http://equinox-project.org/


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