Diaspora Social Network - NOT SAFE FOR KIDS!

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by Artim, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Diaspora is a free and open-source social network that bills itself as a FOSS alternative to Facebook and Google Groups, etc. Naturally it tends to attract Linux users who appreciate "free and open source." It does have some pretty cool features that Facebook doesn't offer, and it supposedly respects the users' privacy and all that stuff.

    But despite choosing a language, you get posts in your "Stream" (news feed) in several languages and you scroll through alot of stuff you can't even read to find something of interest. Another downside is the fact that you really can't filter out stuff, other than "ignoring" users. But even that is unreliable.

    Diaspora is not friendly to nor safe for kids. One simple conversation can elicit a barrage of profanity and insults from whoever on the network is following that topic. Even a topic as innocuous as Linux. After being stalked, belittled, and insulted both privately and in public posts, I've had enough. Maybe I'm immature (I have a good excuse for that though - I'm just a high school freshman), and maybe I'm naive (same excuse), but nothing I posted there justifies the very unpleasant experience I had in just one month on that social network.

    Diaspora seems to attract alot of anarchists and other people who are hostile to many common "conservative" values and religious faith (other than nature-worship, humanism, Darwinism, and hedonism). Kids and teens who are being raised to cherish religious faith and conservative values find ourselves virtually alone in a seemingly worldwide community of people whose venomous tirades against our values continues unceasingly in our Diaspora news feed. What is it about FOSS that attracts so many anti-capitalists and haters of Christianity and it's values? I have no idea what the two have to do with each other, but I'm never going back there and I urge those of you who share the same values as I do to avoid the Diaspora social network. Especially if you're a child or a teen. When I joined there was no "Terms of Service" description nor any suggestion of a minimum age for an account. There should be. But in the absence of any such policy at Diaspora, be warned: Diaspora is no place for teens and younger kids to have an online presence.


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