Dell P713W Driver Installation Problem

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    Hello Linux Forum,

    I recently contacted Dell Support about installing a driver for Linux software, but they are not able to help me because their team is not trained in Linux at all so they directed me to you guys.
    My problem is that I am trying to install a driver designed for Linux to use my printer. So I followed all the instructions in the readme file + shortcuted a little bit to use the program because I don't know the root su password so I executed the file using a sudo command. Everything went well for a little while until the console gave me errors and the installer stopped to tell me it couldn't finish installing due to errors with the program.
    Here are the two console logs I can give to you. The first one is the actual installer console from the program itself not the terminal. The next log is from the terminal which also logged the installer's progress.

    View attachment Installer Console.txt View attachment Terminal Console.txt

    Hope you guys are able to help me solve this problem!


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