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    For those of you that like to sit down and read many articles on a particular subject, then this is the post for you. Here, I made an index of various articles on cryptography and related topics (encryption, SSH, LXC containers, and such). Enjoy!


    Intro to Encryption -

    Intro to Linux Containers -

    Premier of Two-Factor Authentication -

    Secure Password Collisions -


    Set up SSH Keys -

    How to Force ssh login via Public Key Authentication -

    Terminating a Hung SSH Session -

    Secure Web Browsing Using Proxy SOCKS -

    SSH ACL: Allowing users and groups -

    Encrypted Containers Without TrueCrypt -

    Creating, Stopping, and Connecting LXC Containers -

    Creating Your Own VPN

    Additional VPN Security -
    Enable LDAP Authentication in Blesta -

    SSH Tricks: Working with a Config

    How to set up SHA-3 hashing for my passwords? -

    Upload files with ssh / scp in Linux -

    DMZ Without the Risk - Part 1: Setting Up OpenVPN -

    DMZ Without the Risk - Part 2: Setting Up the Client

    DMZ Without the Risk - Part 3: Putting Everything Together -

    Creating a Self-Signed Certificate With Python -

    Improving a Tor Relay -


    SSH: The VPN No One Remembers -

    OpenSSH -

    Mosh - The SSH Replacement That Can -

    FreeOTP -

    HTTP and HTTPS Routing (+nginx) -

    Linux Containers: Tools of the Trade (LXC Userspace) -

    Fabric -

    Tor: Part 1 - Is it for me? -

    Tor: Part 2 - Installing and Using -

    Tor: Part 3 - Becoming An Onion - Is Your Security Friend -

    Set Up Mutt for TLS SMTP -

    RHEL6 volume encryption using LUKS

    Google Authenticator For SSH -

    More Guides -
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    Ah encryption. Wonderful stuff.
    RIP truecrypt. :(

    Thanks for the links @DevynCJohnson
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