cPanel: SSL on subdomain howto

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    First, let’s lay out the situation. You have a site named It has a cart so you’ve set it up with SSL. Now, you’re redesigning it and have the subdomain set up under your main account in cPanel for your redesign space. You’ve started your redesign, but you find out quickly that SSL is not set up on this new subdomain and you can’t find a way within cPanel to accomplish this.cPanel gives you two options for SSL on subdomains:1. Set up your subdomain as it’s own account- This will easily allow you to assign it its own IP address, but a bit of an annoyance if you’ve already started developing in its current space.2. Modify some files to assign it its own IP address – and leave it where it sits under your current account- This is a little tricky for some, but not if you follow ...



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