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    ConnochaetOS, a free operating system for the desktop, built with old computers in mind, but with modern lightweight software, is now at version 0.9.1. ConnochaetOS derives it's name from “Connochaetes”, the scientific name for “Gnu”. ConnochaetOS ...Full story here.

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    When i was younger I had a wrecking yard. My youngest son said then that I "resurrected" old cars. Now, I do it with PCs. the point is, I have tried connochaet and found it suitable for really old PCs down to the PII. Its downside it is takes quite a bit of post-install tweaking. If a person enjoys this, go for it! Myself, I'll go with antiX-M11-i486 and make a swap file, if necessary. A Base install and then running the script smxi is much more to my liking.

    To each his own -- this is a large part of what makes GNU/Linux so much fun!

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