Can't upload .sql file into phpmyadmin

Discussion in 'Database' started by wpcoach, Mar 8, 2012.

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    I am a newbie to linux - we recently upgraded our hosting to VPS ( Cpanel ) and I've been moving all of our sites onto the new server. One problem I've ran into, while trying to import one database backup - the file size = 54MB however max upload limit of phpmyadmin = 50MiB.

    I found a forum that said I could increase the max upload limit by ssh into the server, then changing the php.ini - however I get Access Denied.

    I have WHM access, and I've found the PHP Configuration Editor - but I don't know what I should adjust ( or if I can from here ).

    Any help will be a huge value for me - for anyone that decides to assist me, please be advised that I am a total newbie so detailed explanations will help a lot.


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    When you can ssh to the VM, why not just scp/rsync the dump to it? I'm not sure, but phpmyadmin should also able compressed sql files. Just try to compress the sql with gz/bz2 and then upload.
    Else you can try outside of the phpmyadmin: copy your file to the server and import it form the shell.

    When you need more help, feel free to ask.

    so far
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    Hey there wpcoach - welcome to Linux Forum! :)

    I've had bad experience editing the php.ini from within whm where it will add digits to your values.. not sure what had caused it though.. it may have been a special situation. Unlike some other things within whm, it does actually read the live php.ini file and show you the values in the GUI instead of pulling it from a database somewhere.. that's a good thing..

    Anyway - the value you want to edit is "upload_max_filesize".

    If editing within whm, you want to put 'php' in your search box in the top/left, then click on 'PHP configuration editor'. It will show you some values in standard mode but you want to go to 'advanced mode'. Scroll down until you see the upload_max_filesize and change the value to what you need. Click save and restart apache and try again :)

    If I were you though, I'd figure out why you can't ssh in and edit it by hand though :)

    Let me know if you need help w/ that..

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    Bad idea to change the .ini file, it s a pain in the ass. By default phpmyadmin runs on 2 mb for import sql files. My recom. 2 ways. Use the shell ( use mysql -u user -p databasename < file.sql ) or install the mysql workbrench. Goes fine if you want to use a gui. Hope helps

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