Cannot configure sendmail to GMAIL when installed from source

Discussion in 'Forum Assistance' started by Vijay Kanta, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Hey, this is not exactly a LFS question, but it's more or less it. I installed Ubuntu 10.10 clean and have installed all important software from source. Everything got installed with less to no errors, but I have stopped completely on this one.

    I had no mail program installed, so tried postfix first, then got pissedd off with it, and went sendmail. Everything got installed, after following instructions and I can also start sendmail, but I cannot configure the gmail smtp. I stop at this error.

    # makemap -r hash /etc/mail/auth/client-info.db < /etc/mail/auth/client-info
    # bash: /etc/mail/auth/client-info: Permission denied
    So, I also chowned root:root to auth dir, chmod 700 to it and ran it still with above error. This is killing me, as I am almost a LFS style guy now and won't go the apt-get or yum route anymore.

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