Boot speed competition - Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Mint

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    This was a very interesting report on boot speeds conducted recently - you may be interested in the findings :)

    Before we begin, yes I know Ubuntu 12.04 has been released. Relax. A review is coming on soon, now focus on the topic at hand. A head-on fight! It's a fight, a real one with bytes and whatnot! Now, seriously, here's a tough question/situation for you. Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Mint all share the same DNA. So in theory, they should all behave the same, including the overall time to boot into the desktop session. What do you think?

    The simple answer is, let's not guess, let's check. And what's more fun than running a comparison between these three on my new test machine, blessed with a pair of SSD. So rather than hearing magnetic platters spin, you hear electrons plink. To be fair, I already gave you a sampling of SSD boot times on top of a new machine with an i5 processor and 4GB RAM. So it will be most interesting to see if there's any difference on a supposedly significantly inferior box, with half as much RAM, an older generation of CPU, and four years of age. What do you think will happen?

    The results are here with some nice screenshot evidence:

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    Linux Mint is one of the most appropriate use of operating systems.

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