best linux os free for someone with windows 7

Discussion in 'Forum Assistance' started by faye scott, Aug 12, 2014.


what is the best free linux os?

  1. linux mint 17 qiana MATE edition, or other linux mints, etc.

  2. or solaris

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  1. faye scott

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    can someone please help me to figure out which free linux os is the best choice for an individual who likes music, pictures, games, and videos but does not like windows?? i currently have windows 7 home premium, 64-bit with firefox 30 (i think) browser, 32-bit.
    i would really appreciate help as i am new to linux. thanks, faye scott :)

  2. arochester

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    1) There is no need to send some people a personal message on their Profile Page. It is enough to ask once on the Forums.

    2) There used to be some guidance, I don't know if it still exists, saying do no start a question with a Poll. It is unnecessary.

    3) You do not need to have Linux OR Windows. You can have Linux AND Windows.

    If you like Linux Mint then try it.

    Solaris is not Linux...
  3. edward_haigh

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    faye, have you tried Ubuntu or Debian in the past? If not, why don't you try a live boot of some of these OS's until you are confident to move across from Windows? You can do this by burning the ISO file on too a disk, pressing (possibly F8, but which ever buttong brings up boot options on start-up) and running from the disk.

    Another option is too use VirtualBox and trying Linux inside your Windows operating system! Give Linux a go and come back if you need any further assistance with it.
  4. blackneos940

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    Generally, ANY Distribution (Distro) of Linux with a Desktop Environment (icons, windows, clickable buttons, progress bars, Volume control, etc., etc.) is good for that stuff..... : ) I think the BEST Audio players are Amarok, Clementine, Rhythm Box, and VLC, among others..... For Video, Dragon Player is good..... :D But there are other good ones..... :) VLC ALSO plays Videos, too!..... :D And you can find all of these in the Software Center..... :D

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