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    Hi Rob,

    Would it be ok for Anitaos to have it's own catergory in the

    As then I could open up the project to graphical designers and coders to contribute and how to the project.

    I refer to this posting as reference

    I would like to suggest you make a thread in (like you have already done with this thread) where you inform people on how they can contribute to AnitaOS whether that be porting software, betatesting, offering suggestions, etc. I think you should also talk to the owner of this forum (username: Rob) about getting AnitaOS its own category in

    By the way, I am a graphics designer and I would love to contribute to the wallpapers and icons for AnitaOS. If you start a thread about how people can contribute to AnitaOS, could you include information about how graphic designers can contribute? Thanks.

    Sorry for posting here wasn't sure where to post.


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