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    Pantek provides 24/7 Linux Tech Support, Administration, and Consulting.

    Pantek's expert team of engineers provide advanced Tech Support and System Administration for a wide range of Linux and Open Source software applications, distributions, and systems.
    • NEVER OUTSOURCED.... Our experienced Level 3 support team is all US based.
    • INDUSTRY LEADING.... Linux & Open Source Tech Support since 1995.
    • FLEXIBLE.... Tech Support and Admin by Phone, Email, Remote Login, or On-site.
    Some Supported Distributions and Software include:
    • CentOS Debian Fedora Red Hat Slackware SuSE Ubuntu
    • Apache Asterisk BIND iptables LDAP MySQL Nagios
    • Openswan Postfix Postgresql qmail Samba Sendmail
    For more info or to begin support, please call 877-LINUX-FIX or visit our website.

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