Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.1-1

UCS is an Enterprise Linux IT infrastructure management solution across different platforms

  1. Patch level release Univention Corporate Server 3.2-2

    The new patch level release UCS 3.2-2 contains various usability and security updates as well as an update of the UCS Debian basis to version 6.0.9. In addition, software manufacturers can now select between the processor architectures 32 and 64 BIT for the provision of apps in the App Center. Beforehand, they had to support both architectures types.

    The Active Directory integration to UCS has been optimised, e.g. concerning the domain join of Windows clients to a UCS domain.

    The App Center has also been extended and includes new apps and UCS components, e.g. the RADIUS app for the access control of internal WLAN networks and the AD Takeover assistant for the complete migration of Active Directory domains to UCS.

    All details can be found in the release notes at:
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