Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.1-1

UCS is an Enterprise Linux IT infrastructure management solution across different platforms

  1. Jan Mroczkowski
    Jan Mroczkowski
    Version: 3.2-3
    the function Active Directory
    1. abatielos
      Author's Response
      Thank you Jan for reviewing and liking our product. Yesterday, we published a new patchlevel release with even more improvements in the AD functions and next week, UCS 4.0 will be released. If you like, you are welcome to follow us via our social media channels or newsletter. Go to https://univention.com for further information.
      Many regards
      Maren Abatielos
  2. kk66
    Version: 3.2-1
    With UCS 3.2, we┬┤ve recently replaced our Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003,. Its MS Exchange is not longer supported by MS since this mounth. As Collaboration-Solution, we use the zarafa platform yet, which is easy installable with Univention App-Center. UCS already operating as AD Domain-Controller yet. For migration of AD-Data, we use the new graphical Migration-Tool "Active Directory Takeover". It' s already installable with Unitvention App-Center. ( https://www.univention.de/produkte/ucs/app-katalog/app/details/adtakeover ).