Elementary OS

Short description of eOS

  1. Tuxer
    Elementary Os is a free open source Linux distribution. Elementary Os is based on Ubuntu and using its own desktop environment : Pantheon witch is based on Gnome GTK3.
    Initially eOS was "just" a theme for Ubuntu using its own applications, but finally it became an independent Linux distribution.
    Elementary OS is a very beautiful OS : Pantheon have been inspired by MacOSx, however it's a very light distribution, you can run it in many old computers.
    Here is a list of eOS basic applications :
    • - Pantheon Greeter: The windows manager
    • - WingPanel: The "pannel"
    • - Slingshot: The application luncher
    • - Plank: The dock
    • - Switchboard: the pannel
    • - Midori: The web browser
    • - Geary: For mail
    • - Calendar: calendar application
    • - Music: The audio player
    • - Audience: video player
    • - Scratch: a basic text editor
    • - Terminal: The command prompt
    • - Files: The files manager
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